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    February 2024 At-Home Activity Calendar

    Winter can feel long so get new ideas daily to do with your children in the February 2024 At-Home Activity Calendar! Designed for children birth to 4 years old but all are welcome to try the activities. The goal is to have fun! Parents – you can change the ideas to match your child’s age […]

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  2. Events

    Family Reading Challenge 2024

    It’s cold and gray in Cambridge, but reading can take your family anywhere! Celebrate books this month with Let’s Talk and the Center for Families. Where is your favorite place to read with your child? When does your family read together? What is your favorite book to read aloud? Share your reading with us! Cambridge […]

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  3. Literacy Development

    Early Literacy Workshop Series 2024

    Have a child birth to 4 years? Need new ideas to do at home? Join other Cambridge dads and moms to get fun ideas for talking, reading, playing and telling stories during your everyday activities to support your child’s literacy development!  Early Literacy at Home Series:  Dads and Moms Make a Difference! A 4-part virtual […]

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  4. Literacy Development

    Family Literacy Bingo 2023

    Cambridge families with children birth to 8  years – celebrate National Family Literacy Month this November by playing Family Literacy Bingo with your child. Talk, read, play, sing, tell stories and have fun together! Win a children’s book for getting 5 in a row! Print out an age-appropriate bingo board (one for birth to 3 […]

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