Helping Our Kids & Ourselves Manage Anxiety

Children show anxiety in lots of ways. How can we support them?

Mindfulness Practices for Families

When parents and children are feeling big emotions, it’s good to find some calm. Simple mindfulness activities can help:

Mindfulness is noticing what’s going on outside—and inside—of us with acceptance and kindness. As mindful parents, we can be curious and open to understanding what our children are feeling and experiencing. These mindfulness exercises from Zero to Three are designed to help both parent and child experience a sense of calm connection.

Want to know more about mindfulness?

Join Dr. Chris Willard, from the Center for Mindfulness & Compassion at Cambridge Health Alliance, for a FREE live online workshop for parents, “Mindful Parenting in Difficult Times (Part I)” on Monday, June 1st, 9-9:45pm (EDT)! Register here:

Need to relax? Try these 5 minute art exercises for relaxation for adults and kids: